Mirrors of Ignorance

Yesterday I was sitting happily in the Domino's along with my friend Phani and was
waiting for my Pizza...
I am happy to have a pizza and always loved the thought of having it and moved for it every time i found there is a chance,.

While i was waiting for the pizza, the following thoughts stuck my mind.

I should confess this to you, that i am lucky when compared to the rest of the 97% of
the population of the African continent as i have a choice to select my food and
i have plenty of options to spend my money.

This thought processes extended a little more and came home, and the point of thought
became India and Indian Farmer.

I should thank my Dad for imbibing such good thoughts of thanking the Farmer whenever
i have something to eat. My Father's point is this. though the farmer grows those in
the field to make money, it is his strong efforts that give us such good quality of
But how many of remember the farmer at least once in a year? How many of us bother to
at least think about him once in a year?
How many of us really recognize his efforts to grow the crop and protect them till it
is suitable to reach the retailer?

Even the Govt., doesn't recognize his efforts. Govt., has failed miserably to
understand the needs of the farmers in this 21st century. They doesn't even get the
thought go so that at least there is some feasibility of saving the crops.

The Govt., is happy to run back of Crude Oil prices and has a greater attention
in cutting down the subsidy to be offered which is already close to point Zero!

The Govt., is happy to convert the farm lands into SEZ and offer them at cheaper rates
to Big guns at cheapest rates :(

The Govt., is happy in spending money in the name of in-process works for the
betterment of poor in the country.
The Govt., is happy to serve the service Industry which sits inside the Glass
buildings and is always worried about the money those people are making from the rest
of the world and how much their share value is.

Hyderabad Rocker doesn't want to give some advice to the Govt., on the way they
need to act. We are here just to know the people the way the things are right now.

So please pray for the good of the farmer, irrespective of whether he has grown the
food that you are having for the day.

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