Celebrations ?? But Why?

People in India , have been off late became to sensitive and stupid. There are several factors that made them what they are today.

But as a responsible citizen of India , the existence of this kind of group in India is making me feel ashamed. It is really though to digest the truth that close to 250 Indian brothers and sisters have been killed in the attack by the terrorists in Mumbai on 26/11.

But what makes me feel a little to saddened is that truth that people have become over joyed on hearing that Kasab is proved a culprit. It is a known fact and is also agreed by Kasab himself that he is the part of the terrorist team which have killed so many and he has no repent for the same.
People have come on to the roads on hearing that Kasab was found guilty and have also asked to hang him or leave him to them, so that he can be killed by stone pelting done by many of the Mumbaikers.

But the point to be noted here is that any person called as a terrorist is always ready to die. He enters the field only to kill and be killed if he is not so lucky. So this doesnt bring any change in the mindset of the on coming terrorists and there is no reason to be happy that the next coming terrorists will be afraid of the current judgment on Kasab. Its a pity , that Indians are still to realize this.

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