Melting out

Its been a tough month for me. February and March have made me see many new things which are dreadful and not of my liking. They have pushed me into darkness.

Lost friendship and lost life and life without any tastes. Its become a testing time and now this is making me to get use to this kind of living.

But to be truthful, to myself, i hate to live like this. I hate to stay alive lonely. I hate to sit at home or go out single. I have been in the mainstream of society and have mingled with friends from almost the days that i remember. But this situation is eating up my mind.

I will have to try something hard which will help me to get back those wonderful days that i always loved. Lets hope for the best and lets hope for the good to happen.
In the mean time am going to Bangalore Again. And will not be blogging until the early days of next month

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