Speak 1411 before 911 comes in

1411, sounds familiar? Sounds like 9/11? or 911? But this is not the way we are here to look at.

(Note : The Hyderabad Rocker team will be in Bangalore and Mysore the next month for bringing in awareness among the people to fight the war to save the Tiger from the Poachers.)

911 is there always there for emergencies. But please don't bring the situation where even 911 cannot do anything. There are many things which mankind can build. But they are all limited to the James Cameroon movies.

Tiger, the National Animal of India, is under threat. If the national animal is under threat we are happy celebrating our birthday's marriage anniversaries... If we do the same, the day is not very far when not a single tiger will be left to celebrate its birthday.

How does it feel when India loses a cricket match? Bad! irritating! you remain frustrated all the day! right? If you feel put down if a team of 11 men in blue doesn't perform well.. then what should your feeling be when the National Pride, the most powerful of all the animals The Great Indian Tiger is coming closer to death? only 1411 left..if we still don't speak only 11 can be seen in very next couple of years.....

Hyderabad Rocker team has shown its support to the Save Tiger campaign. But we are not going to stop here. We want your voice to join our voice. We want your words to be part of our sentences. We want you to first join the mainstream campaign and then come along with us to save our leader, The Tiger.

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