No Stop this time too

Andhra Pradesh the 3rd largest state in India. Secunderabad railway station is the
center for South Central Railway and what else, it is one of the golden ducks for
the Railways.

But the golden duck is used only to give the eggs is of nothing else after that for
the Railways and to the Railway ministry.

In the past 6 years there were no new trains for the state of Andhra Pradesh. And this
year Mamatha Banerjee, has promised the MP's of the state that AP will get many boons
from the Ministry.

But the truth came out as the Minister prescided over her presentation in the Parliament

AP having given 39 ministers for the Congress and the Congress UPA Govt. didn't care
for these MP's words.

MMTS line extension was never mentioned in the budget. When the MP's were questioned
they escaped into their A/C cars.
When the same question was asked to the Manager of SCR, he jumped over to answer

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