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I feel nostalgic when ever i get a thought of going to a movie. Movies and in particular Telugu movies are a part of my life.There is no month in my calender without going to a movie. And there is a strong reason for this. It is none other than the Famous Radhika Theater. It is less than half a kilometer from my home and we enjoy going to it.

Radhika Theater has started giving entertainment to the residents of ECIL and A.S.Rao Nagar and Moula-Ali in from June 1981. And the Theater has never looked back for popularity. It became so popular that the bus stop of the area was named after it.

I specially have a great and good relation with the Radhika theater as the owner halies from my father's native place. I watched many number of movies for free though stopped using that facility i grew up.
It is the best place to watch a movie with good A/C and sound systems.

At last the curtains came down from Radhika as its large screen was pulled and the long walls kissed the ground.
There is a grape vine that a multiplex is going to stand there replacing the 3 decades old theater in another 24 months.

What ever might replace the great icon of the ECIL area, it will surely be remembered by many of us for a long time to come.

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