Where is the Classroom???

It is the oldest University of the Hyderabad. It stands tall and beautiful admit the center of the city. It was built by the Nizam's for the sake of education and after that there was no looking back.

As is known by the people of Hyderabad, Nizam's never went back in allocating funds to the University called the Osmania. The University spread over 230 Acres was devoted to the Urdu education. Later after the Independent India was formed, it became the oldest existing universities of India after the 1853 Universities Of Bombay and Madras.

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Osmania University is the only university of the Hyderabad before the Andhra University and the Sri Venkateswara University have been established. Many of the students who studied in this university have taken the ladder that made them stand as India's good educationists.

OU has provided unparallel education with high standards for over 50 yrs and the era still goes. Being a Govt. sponsored University, OU have given education to the best in class students.

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But the Campus is also a place where many of the leaders of the 1950's and 1960's have come. They all as student leaders have played a strong role in the Andhra Pradesh's politics. Though there are politics, 90% of the students are the best in class and have never neglected their studies.

Now the situation has changed. The Telangana agitation has made the scenes in Campus resembling the borders, with bunkers and roles of fencing on the roads. There are stoppers and huge police everywhere. The students have made themselves involved in the political agitation that demands for a separate Telangana state. There are no classes in the campus for over 5o days now.

Students who are in their final semester of Engineering are worried about their future. There are reasons for their worries. To the already existing recession and the decreased count of campus placement made them think of "whats next"??? , added to this now the Telangana agitation having its main point as the Osmania University, they say that many of the MNC's which form the bigger section of the employers are reluctant to come for the employees.

(Image Courtesy : The Hindu)

A student, not willing to be named, in his 4th sem of Bio Technology says "I dont what will be my next step after i complete my 4th year."
He along with another of his friend adds
"I studied very hard for getting a good rank in EAMCET, and secured ECE in OU. Then i studied hard again with Campus placement as my main target. Now Everything seems to be out of control."

Not just these two, but many students are worried. Its high time, that students separate politics from their education and search for their classrooms with books in their hands instead of stones and placards.

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