TV News Channels Taking a Wrong Path :Part 2

The telecast of the news picked up from the porn site , the obedient and great journalists and the so called flag bearers of the truth and reality and calling themselves the struggler's for the society, the TV news channels started a debate and created a new turmoil in the state.
Then the police has entered and arrested the Chief editor of TV5 and N-TV. There were a series of protests in different parts of the state, condemning the arrest.

But a few points are to be noted, which are put forth by the journalists who have met the Chief Minister Rosaiah.
1. There are no rules made by the Govt. for the Electronic media.
2. There are no limitations that are put forth by the Govt. for the Electronic media.
3. The electronic media is trying hard to bring the truth.
4. The electronic media has believed in the news of Exile, a Russian website because the news was not condemned by of the Govt. offices are it was published.

Now Hyderabad Rocker Team puts a few questions and gives some advices to the Electronic media.

1. Electronic media is a newly emerged structure of the Media. So the Govt. might be still in the process of making the rules. This doesn't mean that you can do what ever you want. You cant show want ever you want.

2. The limitations are not necessarily be put by the Govt. They can even be dealt individually. All the editors of the Electronic media can sit together and discuss and can come out with a plan that will save their prestige and also save the people from getting exposed to false news.

3. Electronic media is also a citizen of a country. and so they shouldn't show what ever they like and what ever they think will fetch the most audience for them. Instead they should look out for the news and things that will bring in the true good for the society.

4. Electronic media is behaving as if they have nothing to with the agitation and the destruction that has taken place after the false news have been telecast. This is much worse than what has actually been happened.

So HydRocker team requests the media to think once before they telecast something, validate the news before they believe in it, do a self review before they come out to tell something to the audience, have a sense of consciousness within about the after effects of telecasting some sensitive news.

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