TV Channels Taking a Wrong Path

HydRocker is deeply struck by the pathetic levels of social safety and security standards in the past fews days in Andhra Pradesh.

A great leader passed way and a great flood hit and then a huge agitation started and huge hike in salaries for APSRTC were given and then a huge burden on the common man way levied.

But all the issues are to be looked upon by the Govt and are to be solved accordingly to make the common man's life go a smooth way. But the steps taken by the Govt are not reaching the public and the wrong paths taken by the dirty men of the society are shown clearly to the common man by the News Channels that run with the main aim of increasing their viewers count with the help of HOT TOPICS and HOT NEWS and sometimes FALSE NEWS to create a huge propaganda and stating that they have put forth the issue.
We are a great believer of Dr. YSR and have always keenly observed his political steps and respected his welfare activities. But as said,"THE WILL OF FATE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE WILL OF MAN", our beloved leader Dr. YSR has passed away in a chopper accident.

People are eagerly waiting for the details of the report and the details from the cockpit recorder, and on of a sudden there came an article from one of the porn sites of Russia saying that world's most reputed Reliance Industries was behind the death of great late.Dr.YSR.

We want to take all the shame and put it in front of the reporters of the Telugu/Indian news channels which have believed in the porn site news!!! It is a shame that a porn site took the name of the most respected person in Indian politics of the decade(1999-2009). Instead of charge sheeting the porn site, the news channels have taken the news to the already aggressive public, there by creating a lot more damage to property.

We request the Govt, to taken necessary actions and not let false news flow in the name of FREEDOM FOR JOURNALISM.

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