From the Hyderabad Rocker Editor desk...

Today i had the oppurtunity to watch the news channels , the English news channels of India.

They are NDTV and the Headlines today.

It was 9:00 PM show and Natasha was there on NDTV and i dont know the name of the news reader
who was there on Headlines today.

And the news debate was on the controversy of 3-idiots and the Chethan Bhagat.

There was a live discussion on the controversy on this issue between Natasha and Chetan Bhagat
and the Raj Kumar Hirani.

And whats on the other news channel?? its the same.... Chethan Bhagat and Raj Kumari Hirani....
with the News Reader.

Now the Hyderabad Rocker team as it has always been on the side of the society....

Was the live show on NDTV a real one?? Was the live story on Headlines Today true??

Who are tying to bluff??

Why are they trying to bluff the Indian audience?? If they as the News channels are trying to
work for the better society then why are they doing this??

There are no offences!!! we are raising our voices only to know the truth...

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