IPL 3 : Pak and the Useless discussion

19-Jan-2010, the IPL 3 player auctions have taken place. To the so called shock of the IPL board and to the world and then to the Pakistan Players and the Pakistan cricket board none of the Pakistan players were bought by the IPL team owners.

There is a huge discussion on this issue by the great Indian news channels and then the wonderful newspapers of the India. They all have together blamed the owners of IPL teams that there was a partiality shown towards the Pakistan players.

But please for the God sake don't blame the Owners of the teams and the IPL for not buying any of the Pakistani players. One has to observe the fact that the owners are here to make business and not to win the hearts of Pakistan people of the PCB. The owners are here in the IPL with huge lumps of money not to make democratic relations but to earn money and save money if they can.

Dear Indian TV news channels and Newspapers , the money of Shilpa Shetty and Peerty Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay Malya are not the Countries public property but they are their hard earned money.

They all are here in the name of IPL to make business and not to become the representatives of democracy. So it doesn't really effect if the Pakistani players are left out or the Bangladeshi's or the Trinidad and Tobago.

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