A Carbon Spot on Urbanization

Hyderabad has seen a growth which is out of the imagination of any of the predictors.
The development has brought new automobiles with it on the roads. The number of vehicles have increased by leaps and bounds by the year 2004. Well before that the Govt of A.P has come up with a huge road extension plan with flyovers and road expansions.

But all the efforts put by the Govt and all the development that has taken place have gone waste by the end of the year 2009. People and the Govt have used to living with it. In an instance when the rains came in 2009, the home minister Sabitha Indra Reddy herself was stuck in the traffic for more than 3 hours.

This is the fate of the Roads and the traffic in Hyderabad city. With the increasing boundaries of the city and the population of the city, the roads have become much worst and this is also showing an effect on the climate. The last summer, the residents of Hyderabad have seen the heat stay in the city for more than the stipulated 16 weeks. The temperatures have gone up by 3 Degrees than the usual value.

But all these have brought no effect on the Govt and also the people have not asked the Govt for any relief from these traffic vows. One fine day, the Home Minister finding herself with no topic to discuss has came up saying that traffic problems are there in the city and people are responsible for this. How come Govt deny the public from using private vehicles when there is no proper public means of transport available at proper times.

And what next, the Govt has taken over the lands from the railways and laid new raods from Tarnaka till Sec'bad and Ghatkesar to Bibi nagar. There is also an expansion of road till Chevella, the hometown of Home minister. But still there was a huge traffic jam at the Mettuguda X Roads yesterday morning and everyone on their way to office had to delay their swipe In time by almost 4 hours.
And what is the solution. The Govt has come up with many failed and postponed ideas. One is the extension of the already existing MMTS from Lingampally till Uppal via Rama krishnapuram station. And another one is the ambitious Metro Rail Project which was dreamt by the Late YSR.

But none have been finalized in the past 4 years. The Govt has to realize that delaying the rail projects which are for the larger section of the commuters as a public means of transport will further delay the development and will pull down the name of the state for its traffic vows.

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