Where should India Stand NOW??

From the desk of Hyderabad Rocker Editor : Yaddanapudi Eshwar Sowbhagya Prasad.

On the view of the Copenhagen summit nearing, we the Hydereabad Rocker(HR) team have made a small survey with a groups of 4-5 and 15-20 people from different sections of the society and on the whole around 3000 people. The awareness of the climate changes and the discussions of these were known to all. Indians are now getting their piece of news they want, thanks to a number of news channels both in English and as well as local languages.

Developed Nations
Coming straight to the point from the survey, many opined that India should not make any statement to cut its carbon emissions in the percentages, but however can promise to have a cut only if the developed nations do it and show it first well before or at least by 2015. They also have pointed out that as the developed countries have seen the fruits of technology and development, its now their time to help the developing nations have their piece of cake.

China and Brazil
and Canada

The survey points pint also to China. China has been mainly seen as an obstacle for India's growth. Its not because China exports large volumes to USA, but because China is forcing India to cut the carbon emissions even when it has the worlds highest emission rates.
Brazil has also come into the picture, but for a different reason. Many of the people who were part of the survey wanted Brazil to stop deforestation that is going on in the Amazon basin.

At the home, Indians have kept themselves away from cutting trees and have put the deforestation count to the least in the past 50 years.

The survey also points out a finger at the Lumberjacks of Canada, who are cutting down trees at much faster rate than it was somw 15-20 years ago, thanks to the new methodologies and machines that have come up. The people of India also want this cutting rate to come down

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