Students losing their Career

Students of the Andhra Pradesh are losing their education and careers, because of the ongoing agitation from the political parties and anti social elements of Telangana and Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.

Students have to know that these political parties are here to be provocative for the needs of their political drama. The state of A.P is seeing some idiotic agitations of the century in which the Telangana people and the people favoring the United Andhra are fasting and fighting.

The ones who are involved in these are political party leaders fighting for their political existence. KCR wants to be the CM, he wants power in his hands. Lagadapati is no less in this. He is fighting for United Andhra because he doesnt want Hyderbad to go for Telangana. Reason is clear he will lose making big money from his 1200 Acre international venture, LANCO hills.

But the one who are losing in this game are the students. They have entered the game losing and will lose everything by the time they realize the truth. They have already lost their month of academics. Postponement of the exams, and the result delay in their clearing of the semesters and getting ready for the placements.

So Hyderabad Rocker is requesting every student, not to take part in these kind of activities and only concentrate on their academics.

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