Only One Earth : Save it for our better

Firstly : Sorry for keeping my self away from Blogging for morethan a week. I was busy with my project delivery and etc.

WE HAVE ONLY ONE EARTH, SAVE IT . NASA has not found another nor will be able to create it.

Coming to the post, lets discuss the climate issues and the promises that every individual country is trying to make and also trying to get the same from other countries too. But how does this climate conference at Copenhagen have such a high importance???
The reason is well known to all of us by now.

But there are still many more that we need to know. In the past 15 years of time span the Ice cover in the Green land has gone by 1.2 % and is melting really faster. The Tsunami in the year 2004 has made many believe that there needs to be some check in the carbon emissions and there needs to some way in which we can save the climate around us.

On these grounds most of the countries have come up to sign the Kyoto protocol and which expires in 2012. But the changes are now have become really unpredictable and seems to flow out of hands.

United States of America, considered as the big brother to all after the WW-2 has taken the lead to have a frame work to save climate and reduce the carbon emissions.

But what does USA want from all the countries. 1. Reduce the carbon emissions
2. Put down the percentage of deforestation.
3. Reduce the use of coal as the main source of electricity production
4. reduce the count of vehicles on the roads

this sounds really good, really better to hear from the big brother. But what is the brother doing for the climate??
NOTHING...absolutely nothing from his side. He wants promises from all other countries.

Am not trying to blame the poor , avg. income group of Americans. But the F1 races, bike races, high number of charter flights, usage of high amounts of petrol for these has not come down.

The number of private transport vehicles on roads and interstate have not come down.
So USA has to promise first and then ask others do the same.

We will come up with a series of articles on the climate issue from today till the end of Copenhagen meet.

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