New Children needed : Part 2 : Spoiling Days

In our previous post we have come up with the agitations that have been taken place requesting new states. We have put some questions at the last and wanted to come up with some points on the same in this post.

Small states which have come up for the requests quoted "Development" as the factor. But will this really help?? and the answer is a BIG NO NO !!!

For the states that are smaller the central govt grants are small when compared to the grants that are released for comparatively larger states. The large funds can then be mobilized to the places that are in need of funds.

Smaller states have governance problems which have been seen in the newly emerged states.

States like Chattisgarh and Jharkhand have seen maosit power and damage.

Damage to students and Education :

Students who have taken part in the agitation have lost 1 month of their valuable academic year.
This will delay their end exams and their by delaying their chances of attending early career interviews.

In a competitive world students should take care of their education and career rather than this

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