Google Vs Bing

There's has been a lot of talk these days about the Google and the Bing. So what next, why late?? Hyderabad Rocker team tried out some things with the Bing and the Google. Firstly we present you with the Maps, the favorite of us all.

We have tried to see the Wipro and the Infosys campus of Hyderabad using Google and Bing.
and the result, Bing wins the bet over Google.
The Facts :
1. Point to note here is that Google has not updated its maps after its launch.

2. The zoom option in Google is only till 0.8 KM where as Bing goes close to 30m. and the quality of the images are also good in Bing.

3.Th findings are applicable to all places across India

The following are the findings. Have a look at yourself.
Next feature : Search results :) happy Goggling and Happy Binging

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