Failing Hopes Failing Gods : COPENHAGEN

Where are we going to be next?
Am really happy that i wont be alive after 2100 A.D.

I should be thankful to God for giving me birth in the last century.

"At the start there was darkness, and then God said let there be light and there is light"......

But the above truth ends there, Yes! and of course.

Now there is nothing that going has to do and can do!

God now has no option to say nor does have the freedom to express the ideas.
Reason??? You guessed it right !!! and its our world leaders who have now taken the lime light.

We have given them a chance to be the next Gods and the path showers for the next generation.
But our current Leader God's have failed and they are thus making US(We) fail and there by making the whole mankind and God to fail.

They are at the same stage and have been made to assemble there to take a decision on "Climate Change"
The God's are now with their EGO and attitude have failed to show the path. They are unable to take a decision to save the MOTHER EARTH. They have failed and failed largely with no decision coming out even at the 14th day of the Climate meet.

They have used the stage to blame each other, to show that they are ready for a change, but not actually taking any steps to it.

Mr. barack Obama, President of USA and the Nobel Peace Prize winner, also known for his "Change! yes we can!" slogan has failed to allow the change to come in. Obama has largely failed as he was unable to come up with a definitive plan, and didn't act as the BIG BROTHER as he considers USA.


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