The only thing i could do after watching the movie is to wipe my tears from the cheeks and then later feel happy for the sake that our generation has Cameron.

Though there is a lot of recession going on James Cameron has faith in his script and has invested 2400 Crore and released the movie AVATAR, this December 18th 2009.
I had the luck to watch the movie on the same day of its release though there is a huge rush and which still continues.

AVATAR is a movie driven with the sense of saving the future for our future generations. Cameron has immense talent and potential which have come together with his wonderful and WOW Special Effects team to drive the message home.
AVATAR sends us multiple messages, out of which the main aim of the director is around saving the trees and forests that are being lumberjacked all around the world and mainly in the Amazon basin and Canada.
Cameron also shows the military atrocity that has been taken place in Afghanistan and Iraq and the human rights violation. He shows through his graphics how the suffered felt when someone was trying to kill them for no reason(the feeling of the Iraq people).
In this movie Cameron also warns the Global scientific society of the forth coming dangers for their cloning and other activities that are against the principle of nature.

Cameron shows his due respect towards the Aborigines of Australia and the forest groups of Africa which have been killed for no reason during the times of colonization.

Cameron asks the people of the developed country not to disturb the way the world has to go in its natural path for the reason to exist. He also has asked the countries to try and save the rest life of the Mother Earth from being exploited.

The finally thing that Cameron told us is that there is no place for man to live in this Universe other than our Mother Earth and we cant survive in any other avatar than the Human being.

HYDERABAD ROCKER team pays tribute to the wonderful movie AVATAR.

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