The American Factor : COPENHAGEN

This is in continuation with our older posts on Copenhagen Climate Summit.
In our previous post we asked what is America doing as a Big Brother, as it claims to itself.
NOTHING and we say again NOTHING. We are sorry to say this.

REQUEST HERE : American has global green house gas emissions of 50700 Million tonnes.

American wanted a promise from China and India that they will cut down the Green house gas emissions by at least 20% by 2020 A.D from the levels of 2009. So lets take a look at the current levels of Carbon Emissions of China and India.

CHINA : 1470 Crore Tonnes and
INDIA : 420 Crore Million Tonnes

So 20% of 1470 is 1176 Crore tonnes. and 20% of 420 Corore tonnes is 336 Crore tonnes.

But USA has promised that it will cut their carbon emissions to the level of 1990 A.D. in the Kyoto protocol. Now everyone is requesting America to cut down at least 15% of its current amount of the carbon emissions. But the fact is that the big brother is not at all moving its lips over this. Instead it is asking the African nations and the developing nations of the groups like the BRIC ( Brazil, Russia, India and China) and BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China).

The reason :
1. USA is afraid that keeping the promise means cutting down the domestic growth.
2. It is afraid that the Automobile Industry Gaints of its country will bar the Govt and will stop supporting them in the future endeavors.
3. The Obama Govt is facing the heat from the fire that was set ablaze by the earlier Govt's.

What needs to be done :
1. America has to cut down its carbon emissions back to its 1990 levels.
2. They should keep the promise that they have made according to the Kyoto protocol.
3. They should not force other countries when it is not ready to do the action sought.
4. Should implement the strategies it promised in 1. and 2. without fail.

Challenge to the American Govt.
As the rightful member of the society and the son of the mother Earth we ask the Govt. of USA, will it make at least ONE of their citizen to STOP USING A CAR, for every FOUR of the members of a DEVELOPING nation does???

We respect Obama for his fast steps and words that he and his associates are making, but we need them to implement those said words.

Thanks for the continuous support to us.

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well written and well put article.
hope to listen more from you