14 Days : Time to Save Mother Earth

Firstly ,Thanks for all those who have mailed us with some encouraging words for our posts and comments.

In line with the sequence of our articles that are asking the countries across the world to pay attention to the climate change , we have some other points here again.

HR team committed to a better society has mailed to many of the prominent politicians across the globe
Some of the content from our mail

1. To concentrate on to bring in a resolution instead of have heated arguments.
2. We, in our mail requested them not to have fingers pointing to each other about what has happened.

3. Please don't find out each others mistakes to save oneself, instead find out a solution to save mother Earth.
4. We have put a request not to discuss any political issues on the floor, including the Afghanistan, Pakistan and China and India border issues.
5. We have requested them not to make the platform of the Climate summit a political platform.
6. We have also requested them, not to make any political statements.

7. The Ice at the Arctic circle is melting at a faster rate and there by causing huge problems to all the nations (not just a few nations) and the coast areas of all the nations. We requested them address this issue.

8. There are a number of scientific observations and experiments and activities going on in the Antarctica. We reaquested them to post the results of all those experiments and assure all of us that there is not going to be any potential damage done to the continent.

Thanks for all those who have mailed us with some encouraging words for our posts and comments.

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December 24, 2009 at 9:02 PM delete

It is a scary thought to think about what would happen few years down the lane if environmental damage is not curbed.. But people have to take serious action ...Most of us a laid back.. We need active drives ...

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