Shiv Sena : Making Shiva down his head

I have no idea what made Bal Thakre have his political party's name as "Shiv Sena".

They are making the name of Lord Shiva deteriorate and helping him put his head down with shame.

Shiva, the God of Hindus, is known for his peaceful behavior and is almost scripted as the one who gives whatever his bhakthjan ask for.

But Shiv Sena is snatching away all the boons that Lord Shiva gave to his bhakthjan.

Lord Shiva gave us the freedom to express our thoughts, freedom of speech and freedom to say 'This is wrong', when someone does something wrong. But the Shiv Sainiks are against the basic principle of the Shiva and his helping nature.

The Sainiks must be thrashed and put behind the bars for their atrocities. They are creating nuesance without any specific reason. Mind you sainiks, Shiva is not only the god for Marathi's, He is a God to all the Hindu's across the Globe.

When you say NO to otherthan Marathi's then why are you using Shiva's name? Invent a God for your own and name your party against him.

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