Google Doodle From India : Other entries

As the Google Doodle competition started, it gave a chance to the Indian kids to showcase their talent in understanding the culture and tradition and rest all about India, for the theme "My India"
As the Talent competition ended, it brought the best from the kids. This proved how much they understand the society, culture, traditions, customs, trends, technology and as a whole the India.
The winner is always one, and it is Puru Pratap Singh in this case, but there are many others who also had great talent and understanding within them. We wanted our readers to look at them and congratulate these kids too.
Most of the kids concentrated on Mahatma, the music, the dance varieties, and the diverse culture and many religions of United India. They all had one thing in their minds, that though we have these many ways in our daily routine that we take, our vision is single and one, it is United India and its growth.Congratulations to all the entries and the winner.

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