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Until now, Windows Vista was the most secure version of the Windows operating system. Windows 7 picks up where Vista left off, and improves on that foundation to provide an even more secure computing experience.

New Features are :

1.Core System Security : As it did with Windows Vista, Microsoft developed Windows 7 according to the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).Data Execution Prevention (DEP), Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), and Mandatory Integrity Levels. These features provide a strong foundation to guard against malicious software and other attacks

Enhanced UAC : You're probably familiar with UAC, or User Account Control. Introduced with Windows Vista, the feature is meant to help enforce least-privileged access and to improve the total cost of ownership by allowing organizations to deploy the operating system without granting administrator access to users.With Windows 7, Microsoft has again reduced the number of applications and operating system tasks that trigger the prompt. It has also incorporated a more flexible interface for UAC. Under User Accounts in the Control Panel, you can select Change User Account Control Settings to adjust the feature with a slider.
Integrated Fingerprint Scanner Support : Click on Biometric Devices in the Control Panel to access the console for enrolling and managing fingerprint data and customizing biometric-security settings. The Biometric Devices console will display any detected biometric devices. If the fingerprint reader is not yet configured, the status will display 'Not Enrolled'. Click on that status to access the console.
Other Additional features are :

4. Protecting Data
5. Encrypting Drives With BitLocker
6. Using BitLocker Without a TPM
7. Protecting Mobile Data With BitLocker to Go

All these put together will make the Windows 7 an all new experience. We have not yet received the feature details of the last 4 features. As and when we receive them we will post them for you.

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