Shame Shame China : No bar for anything

From the Editors Desk : Yaddanapudi Eshwar

Firstly as always i do swear that what ever content i point out is for the betterment of Human kind and no other reason.

Secondly as always i give you the background which made me write this article

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The Chinese Govt. should feel shame on its part for doing this. Lets take what is THIS here.
The Chinese Red Govt., is trying to disrupt the peace that is prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir.
They are trying to abate all the anti social elements against the people of Jammu and Kashmir which will for sure make the lives of them miserable.

China in a recent visit by the Tibetan journalists has given them some brouchers, which are the main point of concentration of this article. After the seizure of the Tibet in 1950's and India accepting Tibet as an integral part of China , China annexing the Aksai area of the Kashmir in the 1962 war and claiming some parts and sometimes every part of Arunachal Pradesh as its, is making new moves which can become an international threat.
When the Chinese Govt is so depressed and taken back by the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Arunachal Pradesh recently, then who should the Indian side feel when the Chinese brochures show Kashmir as an independent country?
It is Here :
Media kits providing "basic information" about Tibet - which China attacked and annexed in the 1950s - says Tibet "borders with India, Nepal, Myanmar and Kashmir area".

Kashmir area is an integral part of India and cannot be and should not be shown in such a way.

This is totally against the sovernighty of the India and also against the international courtesy acts.

China should take its papers back and should issue an apology for the same.

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