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From the Editor : Yaddanapudi Eshwar
Background for this article :

18 dead in Pakistan landmine blast(

Scores Killed in Pakistan(

Its a pleasant place, regarded by the Persians. They called them the Hindus. The place thrived with one of the most ancient and modern civilizations of the world, Harappa and Mohenjadaro .
The five rivers, tributaries of the Indus flow along the nation side. They have one of the worlds most beautiful mountain range and the scenery places. The place is Pakistan, an independent nation created from the British India.
The other side is the Hindu Kush mountain range placed Afghanistan. Famous for their 300+ dry fruit varieties. and the kabuliwallah as defined by the Nobel laureate Rabintranath Tagore.

Afghanistan occupied by the Taliban and later forced to move to the mountains of Hindukush are now making their mark in the Pakistan valley and the Wazirstan.
This is purely because of the Pakistan's own steps. They wanted the talibans and other extremist groups to do massacre in the Jammu and Kashmir(India) valley. Disturb the lives of the living people. Now as the Pakistan is moving towards the American influence, the Islamic groups are making them have the sufferings
Its the time for the Pakistan to act properly and concentrate on the internal issues and disturbances than to create the same in India.

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