Reservation in Nobel Prize: A bull shit exclamation

From the Editors Desk: Yaddanapudi

The background for this article:
After the announcement of the Nobel peace prize for Barack Obama, the first black American president, a colleague wondered, “When will an Indian Dalit win a Nobel?” The observation related to the fact, too, that this year’s winner for chemistry, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, is also a Brahmin, like three out of the other five Nobel winners of Indian origin

Caste, race have been a part of the Indian society for the past 2000 years. The Independent India has provided resrvations to the lower castes of the society for the reasont that they have been suppressed and have been put to low on the basis of caste and race.
The first amendment of the Indian constitution under the Article 15 as the clause 4 i.e., 15-(4) states that a reservation has to be provided for Scheduled caste at 15% and scheduled Tribes at 7.5 % in all PSU and Govt jobs and educational systems.
The scheduled division mentioned in the 1935 Indian Act by the British rule has been set as the foundation for this.
Then there came to OBC and other reservations that are put into place by the passing of the 1992 Oct 20 order, providing 28% reservation to OBC's.

The politicians have always been back of the caste and race vote bank..they have made ripples in the Indian society , further dividing the Indian caste system to their needs and their advantage.

As a Indian and a TRUE INDIAN , in have deep respects to the Indian Constitution and the next 105 amendments made to it.
But to speak from my heart this inclusion and exclamation of "When will an Indian Dalit win a Nobel?" has sent deep sense of shame and distress along my spine and nerves.
Made my knees weak ...
YES , This is true, but the reason for this is totally different....
When it comes to international level.....the thing of caste has to be a thing of past.. as India as a country and Indian should occupy the main stage.

Statments like the above will put mother India to lower positions and we should make our heads low , if this happens.

India should be one single entity at the international level. It doesnt matter whether a dalit has won a nobel or a brahmin or a marvadi .
It shouldnt matter to us whether a Dalit has won a gold or a brahmin won a bronze in the Olympics.


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August 17, 2013 at 4:18 AM delete

My understanding of all this Nobel bull shit is that the same words are defined differently in different geographical regions and at different see, the "Father of Indian Constitution", Dr Ambedkar, had been regarded as coming from the "oppressed or dalit or slave/servant/employee"people;and he was on scholarship from the King/Raja of Baroda..with whom the kings of Europe were/are competing..they want to lure children of other kingdoms not related to them by marriage with material prizes to hate their own kind..this applies to the Spaniards,Chinese,Arabians,etc.What do you think?I wonder what Amartya Sen's opinion is about all this bull shit?