Is It Your Father's Land??

We the Hyderabad Rocker, which is always committed for a better society and has always supported the best in the making for the mankind.

But we take utmost shame and anger to announce the NASA's new mission to blast two bombs on the Moon.
First the Details and the Controversy.

NASA smacked two spacecraft into the lunar south pole Friday morning in a search for hidden ice. Instruments confirm that a large empty rocket hull barreled into the moon at 7:31 a.m., followed four minutes later by a probe with cameras taking pictures of the first crash.

But the big live public splash people anticipated didn't quite happen. Screens got fuzz and no immediate pictures of the crash or the six-mile plume of lunar dust that the mission was all about. The public, which followed the crashes on the Internet and at observatories, seemed puzzled.

NASA officials touted loads of data from the probe and telescopes around the world and in orbit. But most of the photos they showed during a Friday morning press conference were from before the crash. The crash photos and videos were few and showed little more than a fuzzy white flash.

Still, NASA scientists were happy.

"This is so cool," said Jennifer Heldmann, coordinator for NASA's observation campaign. "We're thrilled."

Here we Go :
Is Moon your Father's land to you? What are you trying to do? Blast a celestial body?
What rights are there for you? and Who gave you the right to do so?

What is the need to blast the surface of the Moon which belongs to all the mankind on this beautiful Earth. The Moon doesnt belong to any one country. If you want to find those(so called) water molecules, then send your men to the Moon as you have had done as early as 1969.

Why the Bull shit you do the things as you like? You have the Dollar power and it doesnt mean that you have the right to shoot the Vietnam, bomb Afghanistan and Iraq, impose sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

You made the biggest mistake of the mankind by invading Afghanistan and Iraq, when there are international boundaries are defined.

You want peace to thrive , support the UN(Dont play those cunning acts) for the prevalence of peace. But you bomb all those places which ever you like.

Dont you guys have guts to go the Moon again, if you had guts to go for a WAR on Iraq after you had it in Afghanistan.

We the Hyderabad Rocker team ask you, What the hell did you achieve by doing War and why have you not stepped to achieve the ambitious plan of Moon Mission.

Your mother's will feel the most ashamed moments of their life on this Earth for the act that you did today.

Show off your guts by repeating 1969 , but by repeating the Apr War of 2002 on Afghanistan or the 2004 War on Iraq

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