"Im Humbled" For What??

From the Editors Desk :( Yaddanapudi Eshwar Hyderabad Rocker)
I know what am i speaking. There is no personal grudge or any feeling of hatred while i am writing this

I am a big fan of Barack.H.Obama. I know there is power in his words, there is a sense of achieving something, that is good for the society.

But the Wednesday's decision from the Norwegian Nobel committee to give away the Nobel peace prize to Obama has not interested me. Not just me but many of them like me across the Globe.
Yes, Obama wanted "The Change, We can" , but the change was actually never shown.
The change has been stooped to papers, words while in a summit or in a public meet. Obama has done the damage to the War hit Afghanistan and Iraq the same way George W Bush did, and more in some cases.

The 44th President of USA has words that can mesmerize people. The long sentences with breaks to connect those globally broken and detached.

But he has done almost from nothing to increase the bond between the Palestine and the Israel.
He did more damage to the Climate Committee promises instead of taking them forward.

He is here in the subcontinent just as another President of USA, to damage the relations between the Pakistan and the India.

The Stimulus he gave days after signing as the President, was not for the common man, not for the small scale industries, but to those Richie-rich General Motors etc.

The funds that he has promised to Pakistan to fight against the anti-social elements and recently doubled is diverted by the Pakistan Govt., to build its missile rooms near to the Indian border.

when there is ample evidence for the above act, Obama has never tried to check the Pak Govt.,

I as a Obama fan feel ashamed by the decision of the Nobel committee to give him the Peace prize for the year 2009.

There is a lot to be achieved by Obama, not in words, papers but in practical.
They include
1. Check on the Funds flowing to Pak
2. Reduction of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan
3. Stop blaming Iran
4. Stimulus for the poor , not for the rich.
5. For the well being of society , not just USA
6. Help keep the climate related promises.

At last the words by the President

“I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honoured by this prize, men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.”

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