Disappointed China : Without a Reason

From the Editors Desk : Yaddanapudi Eshwar
Democracy has been a vital part for the India after its independence. India as a Democratic country has kept its name with the largest constitution in the world helping the Govt.

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India has never failed to have the implementation of democracy. though many argue that there has been a huge count of violations during the 1975-1978 emergency period. It is not to be called a violation. According to the Indian constitution Art 356 states that when an emergency is declared all the Fundamental Rights stand canceled.

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Now coming to 2009, the view point of china and the Indian demography and democracy.

Recently there were elections conducted in 4 of the states of the India. One among those is the Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the north-east states and has China as one of its international borders. The McMohan line defined by the British India states that Arunachal Pradesh is a part and parcel of independent India.
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China also went a war with India in 1962 for a piece of land in the Himalayan border. The traditional boundaries claimed by the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir has been scrapped by the Chinese, for which the the 1962 war was fought.
Now more than a 4th of the Jammu and Kashmir is occupied by China and Pakistan, though they are shown as a part of India political.
I totally doesn't feel that there is any need for the Chinese Govt. to have an offical release on the visit of the Sovereign India's Prime Minister of India Dr.Man Mohan Sigh visit to Arunachal Pradesh as a part of the political campaign.
China says they are disappointed. What is the need. There are international boundaries declared , accepted , recognized. You have put forth that a small area of 56,000 square miles (150,000 km2)under your Chinese political maps.
But there is no actual point made by your 60 years of red Govt. on what basis these claims have been made.
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There is no reason for The Red Govt. to express these feelings when the head of the country visits their own places. Have we come into Tibet? Have we interfered while you had claims on Tibet?

Why do you try support Pakistan to have your missiles in the POK and COK?

Legend: POK->Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
COK->China Occupied Kashmir.

Chinese Govt. needs to give respect to India , as one of the ancient countries of the world, with rich heritage and the largest constitution and democratic country in the world.
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