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Amazon will release an international version of its popular Kindle e-book reader, pitting the company against a growing number of competitors for the Christmas season.

The international model will work in 100 countries and will use high-speed mobile telephone networks to download books, magazines, newspapers or personal documents.
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However, British customers will have to order the international Kindle from, the American online store, and pay import duty of about £26 on the $279 (£175) device.

The international version, which, like the American version, has a 6in screen that displays shades of grey, can store 1,500 books and has the ability to download books wirelessly. It will be shipped from October 19.

Amazon said that it was cutting the price of its American version of the Kindle by $40 in an attempt to fight off cheaper devices offered by rivals. The device will cost $259, down from $399 when it was launched in 2007.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and chief executive, said that the Kindle was the company’s bestselling product, but he would not disclose sales figures. He expects sales of e-books to overtake those of physical books. Amazon sells 48 Kindle copies for every 100 physical copies of books that it offers in both formats. Five months ago it was selling 35 Kindle copies per 100 physical versions.

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