SAmsung i7500 : Glaxy phone : First Review

The Hyderabad Rocker team along with Eshwar Prasad takes pride in letting the viewers have the first review of the Samsung i7500 Galaxy phone under the new release section.

Samsung's new i7500 Galaxy makes it the first manufacturer after HTC to enter the Android game, and it does so with a fairly feature-rich phone.

Exclusive to O2 in the UK, the Galaxy is a sleek proposition, but is it enough to consider the Koreans firmly in the Android game?

The i7500 Galaxy has three obvious features when you pick it up: it's very slim at 11.9mm thick, it feels very light at 116g and the 3.2-inch screen might not seem very large, but it dominates the chassis. The screen also packs Samsung's latest OLED technology, which makes the display bright and vivid.

The overall feel of the phone mirrors that of the Samsung Jet - it has a similar (if larger) layout on the back of the phone, and has a weird spring-like response when you tap it as the haptic feedback device inside is clearly finely balanced.

One of the beautiful things Android gives is a finger friendly design, meaning the amount of times you need to reach for the D-pad is minimal, and is mostly limited to moving between letters when inputting text and changing fields.

We'd have preferred it if Samsung had shrunk the D-pad down considerably and instead given us a larger home button, given how important that is.

The left side of the phone houses the up/down keys, which are limited to volume control in nearly every application, which is irritating when you want to adjust things like screen brightness without having to use a touchscreen slide bar.

It's a nicely put-together box and feels solid. However, if you're going to spend over £240 for a phone on contract, then you probably want it to be packaged nicely.

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