Nuclear Fight : What is the UN trying to Do?

Nuclear power the most powerful form of energy that is in use my the man, which has both advantages and as well as disadvantages.
From the day when USA tested the first Atom Bomb in the Bikini Islands, there is some or the other place on the Globe which is trying to get one for their own.

Now after 45 years after the Day when the Little Boy fell on the Japan, there is a lot discussion going on globally for Nuclear Disarmament. Just yesterday in the world Nuclear disarmament forum India has urged the golbal leaders to get the arms count to levels reaching to those of 1948.

UN and EU along with the USA have asked the New Delhi to put the count of the nuclear weapons down and have also asked the Manmohan Singh Govt for a promise on the same.

But why does UN/EU/USA want India to do this? Are they not aware of the Indian Neighbors Pakistan and China who both together as well as individually are trying to push India and put the security of India under threat.
Q .Does USA ask China to do the same? Ans: NO, a BIG NO...reason, they want China's support in buying the bonds as China has 2 trillion US dollar reserves in their forex. Q. Did they ask Pakistan to get away from accumulating nuclear weapons as well a other weapons? Ans: NO, reason, they want to use Pakistan's soil to fight the Taliban and the other extremists.

India though is developing at better rates than before or predicted by the economists, the growth doesnt effect any other part of the Globe. It is not a major contributor of Global warming too.
India's production of the CO2 is also prominently lower than the Global avg production from the developed nations and if the rate of CO2 emissions are kept same, even then India needs to go till 2050 to get to this Avg.
So why does UN want India to get disarmed?
Why does EU wants India to define a level in the CO2 emissions?(Did the countries of EU made the levels fixed??)

Then Why , why they want India to ??

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