New Release : Nokia 8800 Erdos

With the recent overdose of the N900s, N97s and the Xseries of the world, everyone seems to have forgotten about Nokia's luxury series, the classic 8800 lineup. Well, here's a gentle reminder that the 8800 line up is still alive and kicking.

After the Carbon and Sapphire Arte line up, Nokia seems ready with the latest 8800 series handset, the 8800 Erdos. Touted to be an "engineering masterpiece", the phone will reportedly run Series 60 - thus giving it smartphone abilities. The device is finished from a single piece of stainless steel and has a display that is covered by glass. This covers the device whilst in the standby mode. Then there is this "rising keypad" that is designed to match the display's level when the user slides it.

Unlike its predecessors, the Erdos will boast of contemporary features and for once the user might feel that he has a handset that is as functional as it is stylish. Here are the main specs of the Erdos. We believe this might keep the prospective buyers of this one hooked.

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