Andhra Pradesh CM Dr.Y.S.Raj shekar Reddy is no More

Hyderabad rocker blog with deep emotions and sadness brings you the truth that the Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr.Y.S. Raj Shekar Reddy is no more.

Dr.Reddy started from Hyderebad to kurnool to attend a public meeting/gathering to know and address the people's problems at around 8:45 AM on sep-2-2009 IST.
His Chopper which along with him and the pilot carried another 3 on board.
On the way the chopper lost the signals from the ATC and soon the IAF and the army and the people near by went on to search for him. But to the very bad luck of AP people and his hard core fans he was found dead along with the other 4. The Prime minister's office officially declared his death on 3-Sep-2009 at 10:10 AM

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