The Power Sector Issues of India

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Today’s topic is the power sector which is the spinal cord for the economic growth and development of the individual in the society.
India has come a long way since its Independence in 1947. The substantial growth of the Indian economy is greatly influenced by the growth in power sector. As the country rode forward with industrialization process of the 21st century the demands for power supply has also increased.

The power sector is of high importance for both the industrial and the household activity and the agricultural activity.

The urban areas are fed with decent amount of power that is being generated and the industries are supplied with the promised hours. The farmers who were promised 9 hours uninterrupted power supply are still waiting for this to happen. The villages of India are looming darkness. The villagers are moving out and are making sub-urbs.

For a better country the power needs are to satisfied and are to me reviewed every year on year, otherwise the growth of 9% is highly not achievable.

The power sector which is largely dependant on Coal as the primary source of power generation is to be slowly but strategically replaced by the nuclear power. The steps that are taken by the Govt of India in the past 2 decades are really appreciable but there is still most of it is awaiting to be done.
The nuclear power plants that are built in kudankullam with the help of our old friend Russia are getting ready for a demo run later this year and hopefully put into public service early next year. Believing that this exercise will be a great success, the Govt and the NPCIL should take the enthusiasm from this and build power plants across India for better power supply.
The power losses are a matter of concern. Even today the help of technology is not taken to reduce the power transmission losses.
One more area where which is to be stressed is the Power Purchase and Sales and the pricing.
Because of the uneven power pricing across the country, the power is not properly distributed or utilized to the max.
Here we can quote John Kenneth Galbraith Statement
"Production is a useless activity, unless it is distributed and redistributed"

So the Govt therefore has to step in at certain point where in a regularization of the pricing can be done.
Lastly the generated power should be properly channelised and used and the power wastage should be minimized.

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