Make way for Independence

Well... they say "at last we have it". Or to be more apt...”We won it".I sometimes wonder how they managed to say this.Then suddenly I recollect this sentence written my Mr. Nehru "As the rest of the world slept, India woke up to see the dawn of the new beginning, an Independent India"But I still wont go with this.

Yes am happy and I really accept the truth that we are now among the very few nations that have registered a positive growth at the time of recession, When the people of USA who wasted 44 billion Dollar food the year before are now dying to get their fingers with food three times a day. I am happy when I see my account balance still capable of pouring out some notes from the ATM. Am happy because I scratch my HP powered ICICI debit card to fill my bikes tank with the desired amount of petrol(Thanks to my Parents and teachers and my Engg. College and then the Infosys).

But a little inside me, I feel the pain...yes its still there. There is no pain killer for this...the reason being it is ruptured day after day hour after hour and minute after minute and even second after second. This pain is caused by the not ending wound made by non other than our dear Indians who are here born and brought up.

We feel happy because our tummy is full...we read the newspaper and then again the smile is back on our face and the cheeks they now wide speared and not to deny after a small moment of sorrow.. The moment of sadness is because... as we have done reading the story which says a farmer has committed suicide as there were no rains and when the little water the is just enough came in the seeds that were supplied to him were false. Out of all the equipment that he bought, the only thing that worked for him was the "rat killer". Then there he left his young wife and two kids whom her wife had to bear at very early age (Indians are really the most romantic fellows and they no other job than the get married early and spoil the life of an innocent girl).

And now the reason for the happiness is the same old story. You are still alive. We were taught the story of "In celebration of being alive" in our school syllabus only to remember that small things like missing a movie show should not make us feel like dead or depressed. Place your hand (at least your left hand) on your left chest and many times in your whole life whiling having your lunch/dinner.....did you pray to make the life of the farmer who has been responsible for growing the food that you are having bless him and please make him leave in happiness?Did you ever wonder how hard it is to make those small two leaves to grow into a plant and then after this how hard it is to make them live and bear those seeds. Have you ever wondered what was the hardship that went into before the paddy was sent to a rice mill??

1 .You is suddenly depressed only because your father denied giving you 20 more Indian rupees for the already 100 rupees he gave you as your pocket money... 2. You suddenly feel like dying only when you find that the girl whom you like is engaged and is going to get married3. Or because the rain that is on has stopped you from going out with your boyfriend (Just think how long the farmer have been praying for the same rain to pour while you are cursing the same) Mother India needs its children to be happy and enjoy their life...but not when someone out there is dying though he/she can be saved and a helping hand be lend.
So please do your bit.....let it be a small one....remember "Millions of small drops make up a pond"

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