Google to let site owners customize searches

Internet search leader Google Inc. is expanding an existing service to let businesses customize the search results that visitors see when they search for information within their own sites.

Instead of offering visitors to a particular website the same slice of search results they find by searching, the new Google Site Search Service lets website owners show previously untracked pages deep inside their sites.

The new Google service is hosted on Google's network of computers instead of requiring customers to install and maintain search equipment of their own. Google aims to improve the search quality of sites with rich content but cluttered ways of finding information lodged within the sites.

Site Search is the new name for Custom Search Business Edition, which Google introduced in late 2006.

It adds business integration features through a machine-readable computer programming interface, the option to turn off advertisements, a more tailored look-and-feel for searching the site and technical support via e-mail or phone.

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