Bose brings QuietComfort 15

Bose Corporation, the leader in developing the best of equipments to bring out the paramount acoustic devices, has launched its finest ever headphones that have been devised to reduce more noise across a wider range of frequencies – QuietComfort 15s.

The new QuietComfort 15s (QC15s) has designed its fourth generation of consumer noise-cancelling headphones which feature Bose’s exclusive noise reduction technology. The appearance of the new set of headphone is identical to its popular QC2s, which would no longer be on sale.

Bose claims that the new headphone “is a combination of benefits unmatched in the industry.” With improvement in its proprietary ear cushion technology, it blocks more unwanted noise before it enters the earcups. They have been devised on the advanced noise reduction technology that reduces the noise around the ear spectrum of human ears.

Along with the advanced noise reduction technology, QC15s are integrated with Bose’s signal processing and audio reproduction technology for quality sound. It makes the experience more pleasing while enjoying your favourite music tracks.

QC15s, as noted by Bose, are so advanced and well equipped with its technologies that if you are in mood to seek peace in a room with deafening noise you can just put on the headphones and relax.

They are comfortable and fit easily around-the-ear. QC15s is equipped with AAA battery that has 35 hours of average life. It weighs just 207.5 g.

In the box, Bose is providing detachable audio cable, AAA battery, airline adapter and carrying case along with the QuietComfort 15 headphones. It has been priced at approximately $299.95.

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