63rd Independence Day

I wish all my Indians a Very Happy Independence Day. On the eve of India's Independence day i went through the situation and wrote an assay which i would like to share it with you all. Here it goes

‘While the rest of the world sleeps India wakes up to see a new dawn and beginning of Independent India’---Jawaharlal Nehru.

The above was the sentence written by the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru on the night of 14-Aug-1947.

Today we celebrate the 63rd Independence Day.

We as a nation have overcome many obstacles, both social as well as political and race and religion.

We promised ourselves for a better tomorrow and do the same even today, day after day.

As an independent country in the 20th century and a country with over 100 million populations there are new challenges in front of us and new avenues awaiting for us.

As one of the fastest developing nations of the world and a nation with great and inerasable history, the stress is on “Good Governance”. With disturbing factors prevailing in our neighboring nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka and attacks on Indians abroad, there is a need for us to concentrate on the social security and safety of the Indian citizens both inside the mother land as well as in the foreign countries.

Though a good amount of development is seen in the last ten years, the needs of the country and the people of the country have grown. Mother India demands security from the bad aliments of the society. She is pleading for the welfare of her children, we the Indians.

As one of the fastest developing nations of the world there is a serious need for us to concentrate on the power sector which is like the spinal cord for the development process to climb new heights. Though there are aplenty reserves of coal which will last for another 250 years to come, the extraction of the same is becoming difficult as the years pass by. Also the recent summits like the G8 and many of the environmental welfare organizations are demanding for a reduction of Green House Emissions the search for alternative sources of energy are to be looked into.

The NPCIL needs to be allocated with enough money to accelerate the process of developing and implementing the production of nuclear power and making new strides in generating power using thorium as the fuel instead of the conventional nuclear fuel, Uranium. The 123 agreement signed between India and United States of America has not seen any progress in the recent months. This has to be taken forward but only when there is no hindrance to the Indian nuclear program and when it doesn’t affect the best of the benefits the Indian citizens can have from this program.

The percapita income has seen an increase and the GDP is making new records yet there is not a single decimal growth in the lives of the lower middle class and the families of Below Poverty Line (BPL). Also the GDP shows that the increase in the percentage is because of the high exports from the service sector and not from the traditional sectors like agriculture, which remained the backbone for the Indian economy for the first 50 years of the Indian independence. The growth in the service sector is a good value point, but not the necessary point as the contribution of agriculture to the GDP is sighting new lows every year. The recently started National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is showing some progress but it should be taken to all the people in all the villages across India. If this is not done, then the hundreds of families which are moving into the urban and sub-urban areas will make their life difficult and as well put new problems into cities.

Desertification of villages will further more decrease the agriculture activity. Over to this the monsoons are either delayed or pouring very less rainfall which are making the farm lands go dry and infertile. So Government should act accordingly with a key point of concentration as the farmer. The infrastructure that now exists between the villages and cities can also be seen as another obstacle for the overall growth.

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